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Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Deltanet LLC Web Hosting Services

Welcome to Deltanet LLC. We are pleased to provide you with our web hosting services on the following terms:

Service Description: Deltanet LLC offers web hosting services to individuals and businesses for the purpose of hosting websites and web applications.

Usage Policy: Users of our services must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We do not allow the hosting of illegal content, including but not limited to copyrighted material, hacking tools, and adult content.

Security: Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts, including keeping passwords safe and up to date. Unauthorized access attempts may result in account suspension or termination.

Uptime Guarantee: Deltanet LLC strives to provide maximum uptime for your website. However, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service due to factors beyond our control, such as network issues or natural disasters.

Payment Terms: Users are required to pay for the services they have subscribed to on a timely basis. Failure to pay may result in service suspension or termination.

Data Protection: Deltanet LLC takes data protection seriously and will not share user data with third parties without consent, except as required by law.

Termination: Deltanet LLC reserves the right to terminate services if users violate the terms outlined in this agreement.

By using Deltanet LLC web hosting services, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.


Deltanet operates on the basis of its customer warning policy, taking into account unsolicited e-mails for unacceptable behavior, unless the violation of the terms of use warrants the immediate termination of the customer’s account.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

1. Customers are prohibited from using/hosting IRC scripts, servers or programs on shared, dedicated or colocation servers.

2. IRC robots (bots or clones), and IRC sessions do not work on Deltanet’s servers.

3. Deltanet is not responsible for the content of IRC discussions.

General Uses

1. Customers should not allow third parties to use their email services, mail forwarding capability, access to POP accounts, or autoresponders.

2. Customers should not run services or programs that consume excessive CPU time or storage space. Deltanet reserves the right to disable CPU intensive mechanisms.

Hardware and Software Requirements

1. Customers shall assure Deltanet that the materials and data placed on its equipment are in a state compatible with Deltanet’s server and no additional setup is required on its systems. In the event that the client’s hardware is not compatible with the server, we have the option to disable the data and discard it. Deltanet will immediately notify the customer of the incompatibility of the material and offer the customer the opportunity to modify the material according to Deltanet’s required conditions.

2. The use of Deltanet’s services requires basic knowledge of the Internet and of protocol and software languages. The level of the above knowledge depends on the use and desired content of the customer’s website. Customers should have the necessary knowledge to create and maintain their website. It is not Deltanet’s obligation to provide this knowledge, beyond the provision of the agreed service.


1. Deltanet will not disclose or sell its customer e-mail list to third parties. We strive to protect the personal data of our customers, as well as their information installed on the network. Deltanet will disclose the content of e-mails and electronic communication of its customers ONLY if deemed necessary in the following cases: response to calls, legal proceedings, court orders, protection of legal rights of Deltanet and its customers.

2. Deltanet will not monitor or reveal the personal e-mails of its customers, unless deemed necessary in case of court orders or violation of the law. If required, we will cooperate with authorities to uncover illegal activities.


In the event that you suspect that your actions may violate our policy, please contact us by email at (see below) so that we can resolve any concerns.

Please note that the rules mentioned in the above policy may not be violated by other Internet service providers whose services are hosted by Deltanet or connected to Deltanet’s network.

Specific questions regarding the above policy should be sent via email to (sales (@)

Reports of policy violations can be sent to (sales (@)

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