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Terms of Service

We ensure the security and protection integrity of Deltanet’s systems and network, as well as its partners’ systems/network. We maintain Deltanet’s prestige and reputation as a responsible web hosting service provider. We protect the reliable use of online sources as a means of promoting free expression. We promote and encourage reliable use, while preventing techniques that degrade the capacity of network resources and therefore the value of internet services. We avoid situations that may cause Deltanet legal responsibilities. We maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of independent visitors. We expect our customers to use the Internet with care, prudence, a sense of responsibility and respect for the rules that have prevailed in cyberspace. By following this policy, our customers protect the rights and privileges of Internet users worldwide. Violation of the following Deltanet policy principles will result in immediate termination of our partnership without any refunds of services.

General rules of conduct

1. Any copying, use, distribution, transfer, processing, resale of Deltanet’s services for the purpose of publishing pornographic, pirated and racist content, files derived from theft, illegal or terrorist content, which are contrary to state and international laws, is expressly prohibited internet rules.

2. Deltanet’s services can only be used for legal purposes. Any reproduction, republishing, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of Deltanet services information and data in any way or means for illegal purposes is prohibited. It is also prohibited to republish content without the necessary permission of the publisher and without granting the copyright of the beneficiary. Otherwise, Deltanet has the right to delete such illegal content from its servers.

3. Customers should avoid engaging in criminal acts such as defamation, presenting scandalous or private information about people without their approval, intentional emotional violence, threats to third parties via e-mail, or other electronic media/services we provide .

4. The customer is responsible for providing and maintaining specific financial information. Providing false information to Deltanet on the order form, contract or online order form includes the fraudulent use of credit cards and may lead to criminal prosecution.

Systems and network usage


1. Customers shall not attempt to compromise any network user or account authentication. This term includes, but is not limited to: entering data not intended for the customer, accessing a server or account that the customer is not authorized to enter, or breaching the security of other networks.

2. Clients should not cause denial-of-service attacks to any user, host, or network. This term includes, but is not limited to: network heaps, deliberate attempts to overload network services, as well as attempts to defame the hosting network.

3. Customers shall not use any type of program/script/commands, or send messages designed to interfere with end user conversations, locally or over the Internet.

4. Customers should keep their account passwords safe in order to prevent unwanted access to their account.

5. Users who violate the security of systems or networks may face criminal prosecution. Deltanet will cooperate fully with the authorities to resolve the cases.


1. Verbal or repeated harassment of any kind, creating a large number of e-mails that exceed the average of a normal e-mail user is prohibited.

2. Customers should not send e-mails to recipients who have not requested the messages. If the recipient requests to stop sending emails, the customer must comply with this request.

3. Customers are prohibited from sending unsolicited messages to recipients, such as large promotional e-mails, informational announcements and political articles. Such materials are sent only to recipients who have expressed a desire and interest in them.

4. Customers are prohibited from promoting or distributing restricted texts, regardless of whether the recipient wishes to receive such electronic mail.

5. Bulk e-mailing, sending unverified advertisements to people with whom the customer does not have current business relations [spamming] is prohibited.

6. Registration of an interested party in mailing lists is prohibited without his approval. E-mail address lists cannot be used to distribute unverified e-mails.

7. Deltanet accounts or services may not be used to collect responses to messages sent by other Internet providers, in the event that they violate Deltanet’s or other provider’s policy.

8. These rules also apply to other Internet-based networks such as RLG’s Ariel system [Internet fax text system].


Deltanet operates on the basis of its customer warning policy, taking into account unsolicited e-mails for unacceptable behavior, unless the violation of the terms of use warrants the immediate termination of the customer’s account.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

1. Customers are prohibited from using/hosting IRC scripts, servers or programs on shared, dedicated or colocation servers.

2. IRC robots (bots or clones), and IRC sessions do not work on Deltanet’s servers.

3. Deltanet is not responsible for the content of IRC discussions.

General Uses

1. Customers should not allow third parties to use their email services, mail forwarding capability, access to POP accounts, or autoresponders.

2. Customers should not run services or programs that consume excessive CPU time or storage space. Deltanet reserves the right to disable CPU intensive mechanisms.

Hardware and Software Requirements

1. Customers shall assure Deltanet that the materials and data placed on its equipment are in a state compatible with Deltanet’s server and no additional setup is required on its systems. In the event that the client’s hardware is not compatible with the server, we have the option to disable the data and discard it. Deltanet will immediately notify the customer of the incompatibility of the material and offer the customer the opportunity to modify the material according to Deltanet’s required conditions.

2. The use of Deltanet’s services requires basic knowledge of the Internet and of protocol and software languages. The level of the above knowledge depends on the use and desired content of the customer’s website. Customers should have the necessary knowledge to create and maintain their website. It is not Deltanet’s obligation to provide this knowledge, beyond the provision of the agreed service.


1. Deltanet will not disclose or sell its customer e-mail list to third parties. We strive to protect the personal data of our customers, as well as their information installed on the network. Deltanet will disclose the content of e-mails and electronic communication of its customers ONLY if deemed necessary in the following cases: response to calls, legal proceedings, court orders, protection of legal rights of Deltanet and its customers.

2. Deltanet will not monitor or reveal the personal e-mails of its customers, unless deemed necessary in case of court orders or violation of the law. If required, we will cooperate with authorities to uncover illegal activities.


In the event that you suspect that your actions may violate our policy, please contact us by email at (see below) so that we can resolve any concerns.

Please note that the rules mentioned in the above policy may not be violated by other Internet service providers whose services are hosted by Deltanet or connected to Deltanet’s network.

Specific questions regarding the above policy should be sent via email to (sales (@)

Reports of policy violations can be sent to (sales (@)

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